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Consultancy Agreement: Sole Trader

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This document should be used when you are a company engaging the consulting services of a Sole Trader. A consultant can use this document when submitting a proposal to a client.

This agreement may be used in particular when contracting for professional services such as engineers, architects, legal practitioners, public relations and advertising/media firms.

It is not appropriate if contracting for information technology (IT) services which usually include a specific range of provisions/compliances - see our LAWLIVE® IT Maintenance Agreements.

This agreement includes clauses covering the scope of services, duration, fees and expenses, information and approval, standard of care, intellectual property, liability (with alternative clauses), and other relevant terms.

This agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Appointment By The Company Of Consultant
2. Consultant’s Fees
3. Covenants And Representations By The Consultant To The Company
4. Guarantees And Indemnity By Consultant
5. Confidential Information
6. Intellectual Property
7. Use Of Computer Source/Object Code
8. Covenant Not To Compete Or Solicit Customers
9. When The Company Can Terminate
10. When The Consultant Can Terminate
11. Method Of Termination
12. Payments Upon Termination
13. Return Of Confidential Information Or Other Company Property
14. Survival Clauses
15. Relationship Between The Parties
16. Consultant’s And Employee’s Obligations Towards Each Other And The Company
18. Notices
19. Governing Law And Jurisdiction
20. Severability

*Clause may be optional to include in the contract.

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