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Employer Interview Questions

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When employing any person, it is important to have a clear focus on what questions should be asked of applicants in the interview and for you to have a record of their responses. You are then able to compare the responses of the various applicants as one of the selection criteria for choosing who to offer employment to.

This document sets out a range of general interview questions, however we recommend that you consider additional questions depending on the nature of your particular business/industry.

This Interview Questions document gives you the option to include the following:

1. Interview questions regarding your industry
2. Interview questions regarding the position being applied for
3. Interview questions about the interviewee
4. Interview questions regarding skills and training
5. Interview questions about customer relations
6. Interview questions about dealing with other employees
7. Interview questions regarding the consumption of drugs and alcohol
8. Interview questions about OH & S
9. Interview questions about how the interviewee deals with management.

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