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IT Maintenance Agreement (Contractor)

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This template is for use by an information technology (IT) company i.e. the Service Provider. If you are the Customer, we recommend you use the LAWLIVE® IT Maintenance Agreement (Customer) template.

The purpose of this IT Maintenance Agreement is to set out what your IT company, as the Service Provider, requires the Customer to do so that you can provide the services in respect of the Customer's information technology.

Two other key documents are required. Please note that our indication of time to complete this document does not include time to prepare these key documents:

  • your IT company's proposal (the Proposal) to the Customer which will form an attachment as Schedule One - this should set out exactly what your IT company is prepared to do for the Customer; and
  • the disclosures (the Disclosure) that the Customer makes to your company about what software and information technology the Customer uses in its business and what the Customer expects your company to do, which form an attachment as Schedule Two.

This document includes the following provisions:

1. Definitions
2. Appointment of service provider
3. The services
4. Access to premises and co-operation
5. Fees and Payment
6. Exclusivity
7. Recommendations
8. Confidentiality
9. Limitation of warranties and liability
10. Default
11. Assignment
12. Early termination
13. Warranties by the customer
14. Passwords and access codes
15. Intellectual Property
16. Notices
17. General

This document includes the following attachments:

1. Notes to IT Maintenance Agreement when you are the IT company providing the services
2. Checklist to IT Maintenance Agreement

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