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Sub-Contractor Agreement for a one-off Service

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This Sub-Contractor Agreement is suitable for use where a Sub-Contractor is being engaged to provide a one off service. It is not suitable for building contracts/services or where the services are going to be repeated and regularly provided on an ongoing basis either for a specific term or otherwise.

Content and Importance: The importance of this Sub-Contractor Agreement is to set out in clear terms the services bring performed, the standard of the services, the time period in which the services are to be completed and what is to be paid for providing those services.

If you require a Sub-Contractor Agreement for a Sub-Contractor to be engaged to perform an ongoing service, see our Sub-Contractor Agreement for an ongoing Service

Guarantee: This Sub-Contractor Agreement gives you the option to include a guarantee and indemnity. You should always consider whether you need a guarantee particularly when you are dealing with an entity that is a small company or business. Ideally the guarantee should be given by a director of the company or the owner of the business. A guarantee is only as good as the financial capacity of the person giving the guarantee to pay pursuant to it. You should make your own inquiries as to whether the person giving the guarantee is a person with assets sufficient to meet any claim you might need to make under the guarantee.

Contractor Agreements are sometimes known as: Standard Contract, Sub-Contractor Agreement Form, Sub- Contractor Form, Sub-Contractor Agreement Contract, Sub- consultancy agreement, Freelance.

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