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Contractor Agreement: Ongoing Services

Contractor Agreement: Ongoing Services
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min

This Contractor Agreement is suitable where a Contractor is being engaged by a Customer to supply services only on an ongoing basis.

If you require a Contractor Agreement for a Contractor to be engaged to perform a one-off service only, see our Contractor Agreement For a Service.

This Contractor Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. The engagement of the Contractor, with option of an exclusive arrangement;
2. Fee and payment;
3. Standard of contract services;
4. Equipment and materials;
5. Time for completion or reasonable extension;
6. Term of engagement;
7. Workplace Health & Safety Compliance;
8. Breach by Contractor;
9. Breach by Customer;
10. Confidentiality;
11. Intellectual Property;
12. Termination by either party with notice; optional right of Customer to terminate;
13. Over-riding provisions, if any;
14. Statutory warranties and limitation of liability.

Contractor Agreements are sometimes known as: Standard Contract, Contractor Agreement Form, Contractor Form, Contractor Agreement Contract, consultancy agreement.

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