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LAWLIVE™ is New Zealand's most comprehensive document generation system

LawLive is the easy way to create professional legal documents in minutes. By filling out a one page, plain English form you are able to compile your contracts & documents customised to your circumstances. All documents are drafted and emailed to you in minutes.

You can save your responses at any point in the building process and help is provided throughout the online form, you can also contact the LawLive support team should you require further assistance.

LawLive's contracts & documents are drafted by leading legal professionals, which ensures the professional quality of our contracts & documents.

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Whether you are after a one off document, or require a large number of documents on a regular basis, LawLive offers a range of different payment options to suite the various needs of our clients.


All documents on LawLive can be purchased individually and start from as little at $17 for a customised, professionally drafted document. To become a LawLive PAYG user simply select your document and start building.

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Subscription Options

If you or your company requires multiple documents you can save further on you legal fees by using a LawLive Subscription. Starting at $69 per month, LawLive's subscription package can save you thousands on legal fees.

With a LawLive subscription you can pay one low, flat monthly fee to access as many documents as you require.

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