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Checklist: IT Due Diligence/Risk Management

Checklist: IT Due Diligence/Risk Management
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 5 Min

This is a very comprehensive checklist for use when conducting an information technology (IT) due diligence investigation or report. It can also be used for corporate risk management purposes.

This checklist covers both external and internal IT systems.

External systems include:

  • networks, email accounts, website design and hosting, VoIP, risk management and recovery.

Internal systems include:
  • facility management, computer hardware and peripherals, software (non-proprietary), IT administration, risk management, software (proprietary).

The software (proprietary) option is to be used where the company or entity creates/develops software as its business or part of its business.

If additional telecoms/telephony services as well as VoIP are used, we will shortly be releasing a separate Checklist covering landline services, mobiles and VoIP.

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