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Loan Agreements

It is important to have formal evidence of any loan and the terms on which the money is lent. By having a written Agreement it is easier to enforce the terms on which the loan was made and it is evidence that it was a loan and not a gift. If the loan is to carry interest then the interest rate should be inserted. If the loan is to be repaid on a fixed date or on the occurrence of an event then that date or event should also be included.

- Individual to Individual

- Individual to Company

- 1 Individual to 2 Individuals

- 2 Individuals to 1 Individual

- Company to Company

- Company to Individual

- All Unsecured Loans

Guarantees: where a loan has previously been made without a 3rd party guarantee, a subsequent request for a guarantee may be made. Our templates may be used in this situation and may also be used where the guarantee is being provided contemporaneously with the loan.

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