Document Tools

Integrated Documents

LawLive's Document Integration allows you to use LawLive's unique document builder to automate any document you use in your business.

You can centralise all your documents in LawLive, eliminating the issues which arise from storing documents in different locations and manually editing them each time they are used.

  • Store all your draft documents in one place
  • Have your own questions to customise the documents to your needs each time they are used
  • Increase your level of consistency in the documents you produce and use in your business
  • Reduce instances of operator error in your outputted documents

For example; If you use operation documentation such as training manuals on a regular basis for various positions within your company, LawLive can create a template for you which will allow you to select options regarding the types of training the employee will be engaging in, then generate a tailor made training manual for that individual Employee.

To discuss a quote for document integration to suit your needs or for further information please call the LawLive Team on (02) 8960 6336.